Artists and tattoo styles


Having attended an art-education and later a Graphic school in Amsterdam, Robin started tattooing in 2006. After mastering the fundamentals of the trade and working in various different styles, he has been focussing on developing his techniques in order to be able to work in a more ‘realistic’ way, which is and has been his preferred style for quite a while now.

The experience of working as an international guest artist in countries such as Australia, U.S.A. and Brasil and having attended numerous (international) tattoo conventions has helped Robin to become the artist he is today.


Emilia is an experienced Polish tattoo artist and has been tattooing since 1999. After graduating from Art school she slowly started to discover the craft of tattooing and never gave up learning since then.

She enjoys many different styles in tattooing but her favorite is a mix of realistic, graphic and illustrative style as much as color and black & grey. During her travels around the world she has also attended many tattoo conventions and seminars.



Irina graduated as an Illustrative Designer from the Art Academy St.Joost in Breda. Since then she regulary was requested to design tattoos. This motivated her to discover the art of tattooing herself. As an illustrator she mainly painted in surrealism, but as a tattooer she focusses on abstract, organic, trash styles combining them with surrealism and geometric patterns. At Ink drinkERs Irina started as a tattoo apprentice, throughout the years she developed herself more all-round. She characterizes herself by adding a personal touch in communication and guidance when collaborating on new projects.


Jen studied illustration at the School of Visual arts in NYC, where she is originally from. She started tattooing in 2000, back when it was still technically illegal in New York. Fast forward to present day Amsterdam, Jen’s been tattooing longer here in The Netherlands than in the U.S.! Being an all around street shop tattooer, Jen is proficient in many styles. She specializes in bright, bold traditional tattoos, but enjoys doing everything from black and grey semi-realism to fineline minimalist tattoos. She has lots of her own flash designs to choose from, and loves designing custom pieces for her clients. ( pets portraits, ladys heads and plants are plus!). Please note: As an immunocompromised transplant recipient, Jen continues to wear a face mask. Please do not hesitate to ask questions if you are so inclined. She is both very friendly and very open about her health.