Dotwork style tattoos

mandala tattoo

As the name implies, dotwork tattoos are made of thousands of tiny dots, built together into patterns (like flower of life), creating the impression of shading and shapes ( like hamsa hand, an eye or dream catcher shown in pictures below). With this technique a lot of times we play with negative space, it means, we create dots around the image and main subject is left uncovered by ink. Most of the time we use pure black ink but sometimes we can use grey tones or touch of color in different designs, depend how light or heavy tattoo design need to be. Our female customers usually prefer playful, soft designs, perfectly balanced with flash tone and shape of the body. Men usually go for slightly heavier tattoos, with bigger and bolder elements. In our tattoo shop , we use dotwork for mandala tattoos and geometric patterns or combining different style tattoos with dotwork background. It’s a very impressive and refined style in tattooing. The price of dotwork designs depend, like any other tattoo style, on the size and the complexity of the final design.

hamsa hand tattoo

geometrical dotwork sleeve

dotwork eye

dream catcher back piece

 making an appointment in our shop in Amsterdam

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