Neo traditional tattoo style

This style is characterized by bold linework, like in traditional / old school tattooing but with refined details, like fine lines, ornaments, floral decoration, often finished with beautiful color and smooth shading. It is more of a modern tattoo, with whole new level of creativity and classic look that many people still love. Neo-traditional tattoos are influenced by traditional American theme (like raven tattoo or pin-up girl shown below) but also Art deco and illustrative art style (for example Mucha style tattoo shown below). Popular subjects in this style of tattooing are beautiful female portraits, animals, flowers etc. We are very happy when a clients bring us the basic idea for their tattoo, so we can create a custom, original and unique design for them. To create a good neo traditional tattoo, we first make an illustration on paper. Size, placement and color palette can be adjusted on the day of the tattoo appointment. Sometimes our tattoo artists have some custom “ready to go” designs, available, that client can choose from. Check regulary our instagram page for new available designs: inkdrinkers_amsterdam.

curvy pin-up on the arm

dogs with flowers on thigh

raven tattoo on the ribs

How to find our tattoo shop in Amsterdam and make an appointment?

Please feel free to drop by to our shop, to discuss your ideas. We are located in the heart of Amsterdam, 15min. walk from Central Station, 6 min. from dam Square and 6 min. from beautiful Flower Market. You can also send us email:, or give us a call: +31 20 2337507.  Few examples of neo-traditional style tattoos done by ink drinkERs tattoo artists: