Realistic tattoo style

The realistic or hyper realistic style in tattooing is usually based on photography of nature, people, animals etc. Characteristic in this style are 3 dimentional approach, smooth, graduated shading and nicely blended colors. Realism has been part of fine arts for centuries but it has made its entry in tattoo art only since the late 20th century. In our tattoo shop in beautiful center of Amsterdam, we are offering both, color and black and grey style custom tattoos, adjusted to your personal taste and wishes. Our tattoo artists can bring any image you have in mind to life. It can be, for example portrait of family member, portrait of your movie hero, your favorite animal or beloved pet. Other timeless subjects are religious images, roses, life and death symbols ( skulls, butterflies, angels, hourglass, doves). Some of the images seem to have a life of their own, and people who wear them are truly beautiful art canvas, proudly presented our work on their bodies.

vinatge portraits leg sleeve

black and grey sleeve tattoo

What’s important to know before making an appointment in our tattoo shop in Amsterdam?

Before we make an actual tattoo appointment, we would always like to discuss your ideas, placement and size of the tattoo. With realistic tattoo style, size does really matter, so bigger is always better! You should also think if you prefer your tattoo in black and grey or color. Color and black and grey tattoos looks great but the more darker skin tone or darker tan you have, the less bright color tattoo will appear on your body. When we have all the information, we can start making your design. We usually create a digital sketch, using referance photos of your choice.

color forearm tattoo

color king fisher tattoo

color bee tattoo

Find us in the center of Amsterdam

Please feel free to visit our beautiful shop in the center of Amsterdam. We are located just 6 min. walk from Dam Square, 6 min. from Flower Market and only 15min. walk from Central Station. You can also send us email or call us directly: +31 20 2337507. Examples of realistic style tattoos done at Ink drinkERs: